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About Western New Wares:
The Birth of a Buffalo Publishing Firm

Western New York's most innovative publishing company will celebrate its 22nd anniversary in 2006. Not bad for a firm which sprouted its roots in trivial turf.

The year was 1984, and the trivia craze was taking the nation by storm. Buffalo journalist Brian Meyer came up with the notion of creating a trivia game that focused on Western New York people, places and events.

Western New York TQ (Trivia Quotient) hit store shelves several months later, selling out its first edition in only six weeks.

A year later, Meyer compiled a book of quotations that chronicled the feisty reign of Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin (a follow-up volume was published in 1993, Griffin's last year as Mayor.)

Meyer is a City Hall writer for the Buffalo News, and before that, was managing editor of news at WBEN Radio. He began collaborating with local experts on a variety of book projects. By 2004, Western New York Wares Inc. had expanded its list to include more than 100 titles and other products with local themes. The region's premier publisher of local books and games had distributed more than 208,000 units. Nearly 150 libraries and schools have turned to this company for resource materials on Western New York's rich history.

While Western New York Wares Inc. is very selective about the titles it publishes (the firm introduces an average of two new titles each year), the company is always looking for new regional manuscripts. You can review a timeline of the company's publishing efforts over the years. Prospective authors are invited to e-mail Brian, or send a one-page summary to his attention at:

Western New York Wares Inc.
P.O. Box 733 - Ellicott Station
Buffalo, NY 14205

More information to how to get published in listed elsewhere on this web site.

"It's important that prospective authors understand that we only publish about three percent of the ideas that are pitched to us," said Meyer. "But as the largest publisher of Western New York books, we are always interested in listening to new ideas."

The company publishes only non-fiction works with regional themes. Western New York Wares Inc. also offers a complete array of consulting services for local authors who wish to self-publish their works.

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