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100 Things To Do In Buffalo Before You Die
If you think you've done everything there is to do in Western New York, think again! It’s time to discover Buffalo, a city that combines the sophistication of the Northeast with the affability of the Midwest. From world-class modern art to the world’s best chicken wings, Buffalo offers visitors a rich banquet of intriguing history, iconic architecture, abundant recreation, lush scenery, fun food, and relentless nightlife. $16.00 (Paperback)

Against the Grain
Tim Bohen Jr. tells the story of a group of mostly Irish immigrants who toiled in the hulls of grain ships and in other waterfront industries in an area called the First Ward of Buffalo. His book gives readers a bracing look back at the gritty and amazing history of the hardscrabble parts of the city. Learn about the Tidal Wave of 1844, the Fenian Raid, the Great Strike of 1899, the Tewksbury Disaster, and the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. $19.95

With vintage photographs and fascinating detail, the book records Courthouse Square, early salt roads and quarries, splendid cobblestone houses, famous resident George Pullman, Rich's Corners, the Erie Canal passing through town, and much more. $21.99

Alfred and Alfred Station
This book reveals the heritage of a southwestern New York State community nestled in the hills of Allegany County. With more than 200 pictures, the story honors the early pioneers who in 1807 permanently settled on forested land once inhabited by the Seneca Nation. $21.99

All About Buffalo
Finally, there's an information-packed kid-friendly guide to the history of a great American city. All About Buffalo casts a vibrant spotlight on the city's rich history, cultural diversity and even its economic challenges. $9.95

Along New York's Route 20
Few roads can match Route 20's beauty, history, or contribution to New York's vitality. The story of Route 20 is told through more than 200 vintage postcards showing scenes from the Shaker communities in Columbia County to the Lake Erie Shore. $21.99

Follow the breathtaking evolution of a small farming community into a major economic, educational, and medical hub of western New York. The book reveals how Amherst's rich soils, rapid falls, and near-Buffalo location led to the community's great progress and growth, from just over 4,000 people in 1900 to 115,000 in 2000. $21.99

Around Dansville
Learn about the town's rich and colorful past. In 1881, the first American Red Cross chapter was founded in Dansville, where Clara Barton lived for a decade. The town's famous spa drew many notable Americans, and the first dry cereal and a center for healthy living were developed here. $21.99

Around Perry
Fertile land, waterpower, energetic residents, and a sea serpent all contributed to the growth of the town and village of Perry. First settled in 1807, the town later took the name of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero of the War of 1812. Perry made headlines in 1855, when a sea serpent was sighted on Silver Lake and people flocked to the area. Christina B. Nolan explores this and other tales in this entry from the Images of America series. $21.99

As I've Seen It
Wide Right, No Goal and Other Buffalo Sports Sagas. Ed Kilgore, the sports anchor at WGRZ Television gives readers an open and honest behind-the-scenes peek into the highs and lows of covering the Buffalo sports scene for nearly 40 years. Clashes with high-profile players and management, history-making games and laugh-out-loud encounters make this book a must-read for local sports fans. $15.95

Aurora Revisited
The town of Aurora was settled in 1804 and soon became a social and commercial center in Western New York. Visitors came to Aurora to get a glimpse of world-famous trotting horses at the Hamlin and Jewett farms and to see the Roycroft community of writers and craftsmen. With more than 200 images spanning over a century, Aurora Revisited pays tribute to the men and women who sacrificed during times of war and chronicles the community's transition into a suburb that cherishes and promotes its historic roots. Robert Lowell Goller extends his reach from town historian to create this entry from the Images of America series. $21.99

Backroad Bicycling in the Finger Lakes Region
Cyclists can find everything they need to enjoy New York State's Finger Lakes Region, including clear, mile-by-mile directions; detailed maps (with cues): and notes on the history and culture. Travelers can look forward to waterfalls and gorges, wineries and museums, cities and farms, all connected by an extensive network of well-maintained roads. $15.95

Baseball In Buffalo
Since the time of the Civil War, baseball has played an important role in Buffalo, New York. Though most of the area's baseball pioneers, including Ollie Carnegie and Luke Easter, are gone, they live on in the memories of fans, and some of their names have even graced the facades of facilities, like Offermann Stadium. In this book, Paul Langendorfer and the Buffalo History Museum have included each inning of the Queen City's rich baseball heritage, from the 19th-century Niagaras and the 1913-1915 Federal League to the Buffalo Bisons. $21.95 (Paperback)

The Bills Are Due
An Inside Look at the Bills' Greatest Generations. Rob Thompson, through in-depth interviews with the likes of Billy Shaw, Joe Ferguson, and Fred Smerlas, tells the story of life within the AFL and NFL franchise Buffalo Bills, especially before the big endorsement deals when it was even more important to have an undying love of the game. $20.95

Birding in Central and Western New York
Where, when and how to find birds in the region. Complete with 32 maps, and tips on photography, audio and video recording. $16.95

Bodyslams in Buffalo
Dan Murphy has written the comprehensive history of Western New York's pro wrestling legacy. From Msgr. Kelliher's exploits as the Masked Marvel in 1928 to Ilio DiPaolo's stunning victory over Gorgeous George in the Aud; from the Honky Tonk Man's incredible upset of Ricky Steamboat to Rob Van Dam's ECW TV title victory over Bam Bam Bigelow, Bodyslams in Buffalo tells the complete history of Buffalo's wrestling tradition. $9.95

Brighter Buffalo
Buffalo has a rich architectural history, but that requires protection. Knowing what to save is one thing, knowing how to save it is another. With detailed stories on some of the city's architectural jewels, author Maria Scrivani brings a fresh perspective to the architectural history of her hometown. $19.95

Bruce Trail
A unique adventure along the Niagara Escarpment. Follow the ups and downs of a five-week, 465-mile hike from Niagara Falls up to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay. $16.95

Buffalo (Postcard History Series)
Buffalo's original radial street design, the layout of its parks, and its majestic architecture make the city fascinating and unique. Those qualities were reflected in the early postcards of the day, and a collection of remarkable and striking postcards are captured in this book. $21.99

The Buffalo Bills: An Illustrated Timeline of a Storied Team
Authors Greg D. Tranter and Budd Bailey have seen almost all if it, from “The Hit ‘Heard Round the World” to Damar Hamlin’s “Did we win?” after waking up in a Cincinnati hospital. Their recounting of such stories fill a book that will make you want to “Shout!” $42.00

Buffalo Blizzard of 1977
The Blizzard of 1977 is still remembered in Western New York, especially in Buffalo, which received the brunt of the storm. The blizzard occurred during the most extreme cold the area had ever seen, accompanied by some of the largest winter snowfalls on record. The blizzard struck with little warning on Friday morning, January 28, 1977, and the blowing snow and extreme cold paralyzed the Buffalo area until the first week of February. The storm made travel impossible and stranded thousands of people across the region, while snowdrifts buried houses up to the second story. This is a story not only of survival, but also of community. Neighbors helped neighbors, radio stations relayed messages and provided crucial information, and countless individuals donated their time and equipment to bring needed medicine or food to shut-ins across the region. $21.95 (Paperback)

Buffalo Bizarre
There are so many strange and screwy stories scattered across Western New York's landscape, now brought to life in this new book. From bullfights in Buffalo to the Blizzard of '77, from a sea serpent hoax in a local lake to the crooked Buffalo businessman who built the jail that he eventually landed in, tall tales and amazing true stories populate the pages of Buffalo Bizarre. Don't miss the story of the bat flying inside a hockey arena, which is still *not* the strangest moment in a Sabres game. $12.95

Buffalo Chips: The Book
The late Tom Stratton penned more than 100 rib-tickling cartoons. But that's not all. The 144-page book also includes humorous essays which showcase Stratton's unique brand of humor. $4.95

Buffalo Cooks with Janice Okun
No one has had a better handle on local kitchen customs than Janice Okun, who served as food editor at The Buffalo News for over 40 years and remains the paper’s principal restaurant reviewer. Okun serves up each of the book’s more than 100 unique recipes with colorful, anecdotal side dishes. $14.95

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Buffalo: Good Neighbors, Great Architecture
A riveting narrative, vintage photographs and period maps showcase Buffalo's proud history and architectural heritage, from the Holland Land Purchase and the construction of the Erie Canal, to the Pan-American Exposition and Buffalo in the World War II era. $24.99

Buffalo Memories
The collected newspaper columns of George Kunz, spun from his detailed remembrance of life in Western New York over the 20th Century. His vivid stories recall the days when ice came in blocks, milk came in bottles, and everyone looked forward to visiting 998 Broadway and the ice cream parlor. $17.95

Buffalo-Niagara Connections
The first comprehensive history of the Niagara Frontier to appear in over half a century, Buffalo-Niagara Connections examines the effect of the connection between the Great Lakes with the Atlantic coast, focusing on the geographic factors that helped Buffalo's rise to the dominant community in the Niagara region, and what happened when that link was severed. $32.95

Buffalo Niagara's Best Restaurants
Produced by the Buffalo News, this guide offers profiles of the region's top restaurants, complete with recommended highlights from the menu. $6.95

Buffalo Railroads
For a time, Buffalo was considered the second largest railroad hub in the Unites States. It was a boomtown bolstered by an abundance of fresh water, hydropower, and the railroad. The dependable and economical rail lines helped Buffalo prosper, and expand the young nation. $21.99

Buffalo Snow
A beautifully illustrated book, Buffalo Snow recounts the story of a little girl and her older brother who are stranded in a blinding whiteout. They seek shelter with strangers, and learn why Buffalo is called “The City of Good Neighbors.” $6.95

Buffalo Soul Lifters
This book by Frank Thomas Croisdale showcases people in our community who have achieved stunning accomplishments by believing in themselves and in others. Some tales might be classified as miracles, while others may be viewed merely as good deeds. But all will touch your heart and raise your spirits. From Hunter Kelly and Father Baker, to the young boy who survived a plunge over Niagara Falls, and the Amherst plastic surgeon who treks to impoverished countries to help disfigured kids, all the folks in this book all here to remind us that hope is our lifeblood. $12.95

Buffalo Treasures
Planning to spend an afternoon in The City of Good Neighbors? This informative book guides you on a walking tour of 25 major Buffalo buildings, plus a new driving tour of Frank Lloyd Wright homes. Authored and photographed by historian Jan Sheridan, Buffalo Treasures is your guide to landmark buildings and details about their history and architecture. $6.95

Buffalo Visions & Visions
Buffalo Voices & Visions is a book-length pastiche of poems, narratives, historical notes, quotes, critical observations, and "factoids" -- ultimately, in praise of the City of Buffalo and its environs. This book engages both historical and contemporary voices, beats and lights, visions, insinuations, innuendoes and peccadilloes -- involving certain moments and presences unique to times and spaces in Buffalo. $13.95

Buffalo's Bicycles
In the formative years of the bicycle, Western New York was a hotbed of not just enthusiasts, but bicycle manufacturing and racing. Author Carl F. Burgwardt, who created the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum in Orchard Park, has distilled the highlights into this colorful and extensively researched book. $29.95 (hardcover) / $17.95 (softcover)

Buffalo's Brush With the Arts: from Huck Finn to Murphy Brown
Joe Marren takes readers on a riveting armchair tour behind the manuscripts and million dollar book deals, highlighting Buffalo's connection to creative stars, including famous novelists, songwriters, playwrights and Hollywood producers. $7.95

Buffalo's East Side Industry
By 1832, when Buffalo was incorporated as a city, the East Side represented a vast forested area and farmland cut with the beginnings of the major arterials of Genesee, Sycamore, Broadway, William, Clinton, and Seneca. These streets were laid out in 1826 and represented the seeds of the East Side's explosive growth. Along these radial thoroughfares, the development of railroads and the Buffalo Belt Line, constructed in 1883, created a semicircle pattern that outlined the East Side. Industries began sprouting up, eager to use their proximity to the belt line to transport wares all over the country. Immigrants from Germany, Poland, and Ireland, along with African Americans from northern and southern states, began establishing their lives around these industries. Access to land, water, roads, and rail lines and eager immigrants and natives looking for work led to the development of Buffalo's East Side industry, an immensely diverse industrial base and workforce. $21.99 (Paperback)

Buffalo's Historic Streetcars and Buses
Buffalo has witnessed the evolution of mass transportation through the decades, from the International Railway Company's streetcars in 1901 to the formation of the Niagara Frontier Transit System (NFT) Metro in 1974. And in 1985, streetcars were brought back, bringing Buffalo full circle. This is a tribute to the people and equipment that serviced the city for generations. $21.99

Buffalo's Waterfront: Images of America
The images depict the period of this city's major economic strength from the immediate post-Civil War period through the 1950s. Thomas E. Leary and Elizabeth C. Sholes have created a nostalgic journey into Buffalo's days of yesteryear that will delight residents and visitors alike. $21.99 Scenes of America version: $9.99

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Canal Water & Whiskey
A book that introduces readers to the people of the Erie Canal - warts and all! Author, historian and skilled storyteller Marvin Rapp has collected historical vignettes, tall tales, songs, short stories and other treasures that provide evidence of a world now nearly lost. $25.00 / Book plus spoken word CD $32.00

Carlton and Point Breeze
With 200 unforgettable images, Carlton and Point Breeze recounts the history of a unique lakefront community that developed along the shore of Lake Ontario in 1803. At Point Breeze, Oak Orchard Harbor became a shipbuilding center. Times change, and today the waterfront's recreational appeal lures thousands of visitors. $21.99

Chautauqua Institution: 1874-1974
Founded in 1874 as a summer camp for Methodist Sunday school teachers, the Chautauqua Institution is synonymous with the ideas of spiritual growth, educational study and intellectual stimulation. About 200 nostalgic photographs, postcards and maps create an insightful guide for armchair travelers and seasoned Chautauquans alike. $21.99

Chicken Wing Wisdom
Western New York Stories of Family, Life and Food Shared Around the Table. Author Christina M. Abt has penned a collection of stories about 14 Western New York women and their wisdom as it relates to food and nourishment. Learn life and kitchen secrets from 14 amazing women, including the creator of Buffalo's Original Chicken Wings, the originator of the Subway low-fat brownie, the Broadway Market's Butter Lamb Lady, a food research and development scientist and a certified nutritional counselor. $13.95

Church Tales of the Niagara Frontier: Legends, History & Architecture
Architectural historian Austin Fox has compiled memorable stories of more than 60 sacred sites across Western New York and Southern Ontario, from magnificent urban cathedrals to quaint village churches. Church Tales includes 125 vivid photographs and renderings. The detailed pen-and-ink drawings were created by respected Buffalo artist Lawrence McIntyre. $14.95

City of My Heart: Buffalo, 1967-2020
Mark Goldman’s City of My Heart casts a revealing spotlight on Buffalo, its rich history and the origins of the preservation movement. Each chapter focuses on a compelling theme. The twist-filled story of Chippewa Street. Vivid glimpses of Buffalo’s diverse neighborhoods, including Black Rock, Central Park, North Buffalo, South Buffalo and the West Side. The city’s developing waterfront. It even delves into contemporary controversies, including the noisy debate over efforts to bring a Bass Pro to the city’s shoreline. $20.00

It's a town that may be best known as the home of legendary football coach Glenn "Pop" Warner. Other Concord residents of note: Dr. Ralph Waite, the inventor of Novocain, noted songwriter Jack Yellen, who wrote the words to "Happy Days Are Here Again" and lived on a farm in Mortons Corners, and George Schuster, the man who drove the Thomas Flyer car that won the race from New York City to Paris by land. $21.99

The Complete History of Parkside
A history of the Frederick Law Olmsted designed neighborhood, from its place in the history of the Seneca Nation, to its role in the War of 1812, to Olmsted's design and the turn of the century building out of the area, and the neighborhood's 20th century evolutions. $14.95

Buffalo, N.Y.: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know
A breezy and illuminating history of Buffalo, packed with fun facts young readers will retain and enjoy. The second part of the book includes more great information about New York State lakes, mountains, monuments and museums. $9.99

Crystal Beach: The Good Old Days
The American dream came true on the pristine beaches of Canada, says author Erno Rossi. It came to life in a magical place called Crystal Beach. Relive the glory days of the lakeside amusement park that captured the imaginations of generations of Western New Yorkers. $24.95

Crystal Beach Amusement Park: Then and Now
After researching his book on Crystal Beach, author Erno Rossi turned his attention to telling the visual story of this bygone theme park. Enjoy 55 minutes of memories of the now-closed amusement park, including a ride on the fabled roller coaster, the Comet. $24.95

Crystal Beach In Color
Crystal Beach in Color is a compilation of photos celebrating Crystal Beach Park, Ontario, in rare color images capturing the best of the midway in a retrospective of a lost Niagara Frontier treasure. The book by William E. Kae preserves many of the major spin rides, the roller coaster coasters, and the park at night through rare color photos. $45.00

Daring Niagara
What is it about Niagara Falls that inspires the brave and foolhardy? Foremost Falls historian Paul Gromosiak chronicles the many ways in which man and woman have tempted fate, and gambled their lives in the rushing waters of the mighty Niagara. Learn about Annie Taylor, the first to go over the Falls in a barrel, but certainly not the last. $8.95

The Deacon's Son
If there ever was a modern day Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, it would most certainly be Bill and Hairyless. Author Phoebe Hall introduces a cast of memorable characters which shed light on what it was like to be a Western New York teenager back in the 1950's. 152 pages. $9.95

When some of the richest men in America, including John Jacob Astor, realized in the 1890s that the New York Central, Lehigh Valley, Erie, and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroads passed through a one-mile corridor, they began planning a community. Depew would never become a vast industrial complex as first planned, but emerged as a mix of residential and commercial development. $21.99

Don't Bother Knockin' ... This Town's A Rockin'
This book chronicles the events that led to the development of the Buffalo style of traditional rhythm and blues. Seen through the eyes of musicians and writers Patti Meyer Lee and Gary Lee, this is the story of how "The Buffalo Sound" originated. $19.95

From its inception, Eden has been a beautiful place to call home. For generations, the fertile soils of Eden have yielded outstanding fresh produce. Before the days of easy travel between places, Eden had thriving retail, commercial, and industrial areas. One business still produces that unique musical instrument, the kazoo, and thanks to inventors from Eden, tractors ride more comfortably and train travel is safer. $21.99

Erie Canal: Images of America series
It was the engineering marvel that unleashed the growth of the young nation that was the United States. This book takes you on a ride through the heyday of the old Erie Canal. You can view images of mule-drawn boats wending their way through scenic countryside, and marvel at the engineering of the bridges, aqueducts, and locks that helped the canal open the nation for business. $21.99

The Erie Canal: The Ditch that Opened a Nation
Author Dan Murphy guides the reader through the struggles to carve the canal out of a stubborn landscape. Learn how one of the technological marvels of its age was built without the assistance of a single professional engineer, and how its impact shaped the Niagara Frontier. $10.95

Erie County Fair
Through vintage photos spanning its long history, Erie County Fair celebrates this summer tradition, showcasing Western New York's agriculture, keeping the spirit of competition alive, and, most importantly, bringing people together as a community. $21.99

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Evans and Angola
People gravitated to Evans and Angola, drawn by the railroad and the miles of Lake Erie shoreline. It has been home to summer camps and summer homes for the wealthiest families in the city of Buffalo. It's home to Graycliff, the summer home of Darwin Martin, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Cheryl Delano sifts through the archives of the Town of Evans Historical Society to create this installment of the Images of America series. $21.99

An Explorer's Guide: Western New York
This 655-page book is perhaps the most comprehensive guide ever published to the region's vast cultural, historic and natural attractions. Author Christine A. Smyczynski includes evaluations of inns, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds and eating establishments. $21.95 (second edition)

Exploring Niagara: The Complete Guide to Niagara Falls and Vicinity
Illustrated with 77 spectacular color photographs, this comprehensive guide treats readers to an up-close and personal view of more than 50 fascinating sites on both sides of the border. Authors Hans and Allyson Tammemagi suggest tours within a half hour's drive from Niagara Falls. $14.25

Family-Friendly Niagara
Written by renowned local historian Paul Gromosiak and journalist Brian Meyer, the book serves up dozens of games, challenges and other features that make exploring the falls a memorable experience. The book inspires readers of all ages to become explorers, detectives and even friendly competitors as they experience one of the world's natural wonders. $8.95

The Father Baker Code
Historian John Koerner explores new information on fourteen miraculous tales, twelve never before published, all attributed to the intercession of Father Nelson Baker. $13.95

Fire and Water: Disasters on the Buffalo Harbor and the Surrounding Waterfront
Author William Kae has researched the elemental conflict between Fire and Water, as it applies to the Buffalo Harbor. There are tales of more than 45 catastrophic and near-catastrophic events on the harbor, including mill fires that hit General Mills and Pillsbury, The Gale of 1921, and the 1900 Minnesota Ore Dock Disaster. $25.00

The First Book of Attorney Abuse and Bench Bashing
Buffalo attorney Howard L. Meyer has penned dozens of irreverent essays, collected here in a biting and funny volume. Illustrated by David Mahoney. $9.95

The Four Seasons of Letchworth
Renowned photographer and author David Lawrence Reade celebrates the year-round splendor of this gorgeous state park with his stunning images and reverent prose. This lavish book contains more than 100 full-color photographs (including numerous two-page spreads) along with a perfect blend of personal stories, insights and glimpses into the history of the park. $24.95

Frank Lloyd Wright In Buffalo and Western New York
Western New York is home to one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most famous architect. Now author Jan Sheridan takes a closer look at his enduring legacy through prominent sites, including the Darwin D. Martin House Complex, Graycliff Estate and the Larkin Administration Building. $12.95

Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D. Martin House: Rescue of a Landmark
After being out of print for years, the book is back in an updated second edition. This is the story of the rise and fall, and eventual re-birth of a national treasure. As told by art historian Marjorie Quinlan, read how a glowing example of a Wright home was abandoned and allowed to fall into decay, only to be rescued by the patient and determined efforts of the Tauriellos. $13.95

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Game Night in Buffalo
Sal Maiorana brings back to life the events that have shaped local fandom and defined the parameters of barroom rants for generations to come. This journey includes: Scott Norwood and Wide Right, Brett Hull and the No Goal controversy, St. Bonaventure's run to the 1970 Final Four, and the return of baseball to Buffalo in 1979. $12.95

Gangsters and Organized Crime In Buffalo
Buffalo and the surrounding area was the turf run by a powerful crime family headed by local boss Stefano Maggadino. Beginning in the 1920s, Maggadino and his Mafiosi maintained a stranglehold on the city until his death in 1974. Local mob historian Michael Rizzo leads you through everything from these brutal gangsters' favorite hangouts to secret underground tunnels to murder. $19.99

Geneva 1940-1970
Like many American towns, Geneva changed dramatically in the mid-20th century. Geneva: 1940-1970 examines events that influenced the city, among them the influx of sailors and workers at the nearby Sampson Naval Training Station. $21.99

Ghosts of 1812
Mason Winfield has combined his long fascination with Western New York history, with his interest in the paranormal, to create this unique look at the War of 1812. The conflict raged throughout the region, and some of the turning points of the war -- and the spirits they left behind -- are right here in our own backyard. $15.95

The Glory Days of Buffalo Shopping
Buffalo once was a shopper's paradise, and those fond memories live on today for generational of locals. Well-recognized national chains, like the A&P, and local department stores like AM&A's and Sattler's were among the great retailers that dotted the main streets of the Queen City. In this updated version, Buffalo native Michael Rizzo revisits the days when the city's streets were lined with stores, and its sidewalks crowded with shoppers.

Goat Island: Niagara's Scenic Retreat
Learn the remarkable history of the piece of land that separates the American and Canadian Falls. Author Paul Gromosiak researches the wild and untamed beauty of an island that stands bravely in the middle of the world's most famous torrent of cascading water. $9.95

Grand Island
The island along New York's border with Canada fired a lot of imaginations. It became a possible home for whatever people could dream up: a tax-free utopian settlement, a refuge for Europe's persecuted Jews, a source of timber for Yankee clipper ships, or a summer retreat for the wealthy. In the end, it became something different in its suburban form. $21.99

Hamburg 1910-1970
A revealing look at how a community evolved during two world wars, and as the popularity of the automobile altered lifestyles. Using more than 200 archival photographs, author John R. Edson has penned a work that includes memorable stories from the past, lively tales that have shaped Hamburg's character. $21.99

Holland International Speedway
With its rural farmlands, rolling landscape, locally owned businesses, and tranquil setting, Holland, New York, embodies small-town charm. Yet for 54 summers, since 1960, the quiet splendor is interrupted on many Saturday nights by "Thunder in the Hills" at Holland International Speedway. The book showcases the many cars, stars, officials, and other developments that make up the history of this beloved local track. $21.99

Hometown Heroes: Western New Yorkers in Desert Storm
More than one hundred people were interviewed, and their experiences were woven together into one region's story during Desert Storm. Co-authors Brian Meyer and Tom Connolly tell a story, not about war, but about the people whose lives were changed by it. $5.95

Hometown Tales: Beyond The Awning
Hometown Tales Beyond the Awning is a delightful jaunt down memory lane. Ed Vidler's pithy anecdotes recall times when East Aurora's snow-clogged sidewalks were cleared by horsedrawn plows. $9.95

The Hotel Lafayette
The Hotel Lafayette: Restoring Louise Bethune's Masterpiece dramatically captures the energy and excitement surrounding this momentous event in the rebirth of one of Buffalo's true landmarks. Jacqueline Albarella's book is a splendid and memorable tribute to a gem of Buffalo's past and future. $29.95

Irv! Buffalo's Anchorman
The Irv, Rick & Tom Story -- The story of a TV anchorman so universally loved in Western New York that only one name is necessary... Irv. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Irv Weinstein informed and entertained generations of Buffalonians with his unmistakable style of writing and delivering the news. Together with Rick Azar and Tom Jolls, Irv was a part of the longest running anchor team in history, and their story is the story of Buffalo over the last half century. Written by veteran Buffalo broadcaster Steve Cichon, "Irv!" vividly chronicles an unforgettable chapter in Western New York history. $13.95

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Jewish Community of Greater Buffalo
Jewish community life in Buffalo transformed in the 1880s as Eastern European Jews settled around William Street. Intense religious and commercial vibrancy emerged with new synagogues alongside Jewish grocery stores, kosher butchers, clothiers, and more. The book showcases Buffalo and Niagara Falls Jewry over the last two centuries. $21.99

Joe's Story
One of Western New York's most shocking murder cases is re-told, in a celebration of the life of Father Joe Bissonette, an advocate for non-violence who died violently, at the hands of two men who robbed the rectory. Ray Bissonette recounts his brother's life, the famous murder of two inner-city priests, and his attempt at understanding the savage crime -- by meeting with the killers. $15.95

John D. Larkin: A Business Pioneer
The story of a teen who went from selling soap door-to-door, to creating one of the largest mail order companies in the United States. Grandson Dan Larkin uses his unparalleled access to tell the history of the Larkin Company, rich with stories of brilliant foresight and fortunate timing. The headquarters designed for them by Frank Lloyd Wright was considered the forerunner of the modern office building. $19.95

Kiddie Parks of the Adirondacks
The birthplace of America's kiddie parks is in New York State's Adirondack Mountains. This detailed and heartfelt book recalls family amusement parks such as Santa's Workshop and the Land of Make Believe, with more than 180 photographs. $21.99

Kids First: A First Aid Guide For Kids
Children aged 5 to 10 now have an educational way to learn the basics about first aid. It provides basic information on dealing with cuts and scrapes, burns, choking, something in the eye, nosebleeds, burning clothing, and breaks and sprains. The book was co-authored by Beth Kent-Astrella, R.N. and Angie Leonard, R.N., and illustrated by Carol Kent Williams. $4.50

Knox Farm State Park
A stone wall along Seneca Street in East Aurora, New York, welcomes visitors to Knox Farm State Park with its charming buildings, woodlands and open fields. The farmland was purchased by Seymour H. Knox, an entrepreneur who prospered in the five-and-dime store industry with his cousin F.W. Woolworth. Knox expanded his business interests to include raising horses and developing a self-sustaining farm which later would be designated a state park. $21.99

The Larkin Company (Images of America)
Born at 13 Clinton Street in Buffalo in 1845, John D. Larkin went on to become one of the most successful businessmen in Buffalo history. Developing from his experience in the soap industry with his brother-in-law Justus Weller in Buffalo and Chicago, the Larkin Company, established in 1875, became one of the dominant mail-order businesses in America. In 1885, Larkin and his wife’s brother, Elbert Hubbard, promoted “The Larkin Idea,” which brought the business a national customer base through “Factory to Family” direct sales. At the height of the company, 90,000 “Larkin Secretaries” established clubs to bring Larkin soap and other products to women in their neighborhoods. This system of secretaries and clubs created an external promotional engine unlike any other previously known. The company closed in 1967, leaving its mammoth footprint in Buffalo’s Hydraulic neighborhood, now aptly called Larkinville. $23.99

Once known as Limestone Hill, Lackawanna derived its name from the steel company that had moved into the town. An industrial future would burn brightly for several decades, and charitable institutions begun by the Roman Catholic Church prospered under the guidance of a humble man known as "the Padre of the Poor," Rev. Nelson H. Baker. A city evolved to make a home for the tremendous workforce composed of various nationalities, ethnic groups, races, and creeds, all striving for the American Dream. $21.99

Legendary Locals of East Aurora
East Aurora is a cultural center of Western New York that has flourished because of the diverse talents of its people. Creative types were drawn to the Roycroft Campus arts and crafts colony. East Aurora remains a small village at heart, with down-home values and a friendly disposition. Robert Lowell Goller introduces you to some of the fascinating people who make East Aurora such a unique place. $21.99

The Niagara County town of Lewiston holds a wealth of history and legends. It echoes the excitement of trade and traffic along the portage and the whispers from cellars of the Underground Railroad. Stunning images from several archives are woven together in great detail by Suzanne Simon Dietz, who grew up in the village in the 1950's. $21.99

Lockport: Historic Jewel of the Erie Canal
A first-of-a-kind look at a community that played a vital role in U.S. history. Here, the Erie Canal climbed the Niagara Falls escarpment and opened up the Great Lakes to East Coast commerce. More than 250 vintage photos, nostalgic ads and other images help to tell the tale of a city that was at the forefront of technological innovation. $24.99

Lockport Boy
... a memoir of a magical time and place. Frank Bredell looks back on a childhood growing up in Lockport, New York, in the 1930's and 40's. $12.00

Love Canal
The words "Love Canal" now evoke memories of an environmental disaster. But the Niagara Falls neighborhood was created in 1894 as a model city. Archival photographs tell the story how the power canal was used in the 40's and 50's as a dumping ground by Hooker Electrochemical Company. The industrial chemical waste was a toxic brew of dangerous chemicals that were hazardous to life, health, and property. $21.99

Lutherans in Western New York
During the construction of the Erie Canal in the early 1820s, the population of Western New York increased 145 percent. Many of these pioneers were European immigrants, with a high concentration hailing from the German-speaking states. These immigrants brought their Lutheran ideals and continued to practice the religion in their new homeland. $21.99

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