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Books: by Title: When a Loved One is Hospitalized…A Family's Guide

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a hospital, alongside a loved one, feeling confused, lost and overwhelmed? Hospitals are inherently frightening places, especially today as they are doing more with less staff and providing shorter hospital stays.

That's the bad news but the good news is that there is now a guide that not only arms you with critical information but also helps you to become the advocate your loved one needs in order to ensure they receive quality medical care.

The name of this guide is When a Loved One is Hospitalized…A Family's Guide. This book is written by two clinical social workers, who have more than two decades of combined experience as medical social workers. Michael R. Caballero, LCSWR and Jolie R. Giardino, CSW, C.S.A.P. bring not only important medical information, but also great tips on self-care and how to effectively advocate for your loved one. This book includes the following chapters:

ISBN: 0-9767109-0-0

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