Western New York TQ (Trivia Quotient) Western New York TQ (Trivia Quotient)

How much do you know about Buffalo and Western New York? Challenge your friends to a battle of wits, and play Western New York TQ.

TQ stands for Trivia Quotient. Think of it as an empirical measure of your knowledge of Buffalo-area culture and history. Each player has a game grid, with the object of the game being to scale Buffalo's City Hall. Players select questions from one of three difficulty levels: Novice, Journeyman, and Master. With each correct answer, they move higher up the floors of City Hall. But beware the elevator shafts!

So what's your Western New York TQ?...

  • Streets named after New England states can be found in what section of Buffalo?
  • What boxing great cancelled a 1982 bout in Buffalo due to a problem with his eyes?
  • The flags of what three nations fly daily over Old Fort Niagara?
  • True or False: "Tonight Show" host Jack Paar was a Buffalo radio morning man?
  • True or False: A fisherman caught a piranha in Buffalo Harbor in 1984.

ISBN: 0-9620314-0-2